Pets at the hotel

Bring your pet to Kahlberg Hotel!

Animals, especially dogs, have always been known as a faithful companion for man. It is no different during your summer vacation or holidays. We understand that for many of our guests dogs are treated like a member of the family, and even the shortest separation is a huge stress for both the owner and the pet. The Kahlberg Hotel and its staff love animals. We invite both representatives of smaller breeds, as well as those a little larger ? Your beloved pets will certainly appreciate the healthy, marine climate and the multitude of trails and paths to explore. A walk with your pet along the coastline or a trip to the forest in search of the best stick – these memories will stay with you forever!

Frequently asked questions

Which pets are allowed in the hotel?

The Kahlberg Hotel only accepts dogs. However we accept all breeds, even the larger ones or long-haired.

What is the cost for a dog?

Small breed – 50 PLN/day, large breed – 100 PLN/day.

Do you offer pet food?
Taking into account the individual diet and allergic sensitivity of each dog, we do not sell pet food at the hotel. However, we will try to help you organize the food indicated by the dog owner in urgent cases.
Is there a dog run at the hotel?
Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have a place at the hotel to walk your dog. However, the nearby surroundings provide suitable areas for walks. We also ask you to always remember to clean up after your dog.
Can I take my dog to the restaurant?
Yes, you can take your dog into the restaurant, but you must inform our staff in advance in order to find a suitable table. Unfortunately, if the dog disturbs other guests (e.g. loud barking, allergies) the staff has the right to refuse the dog entry.
Can the dog stay alone in the room?
According to the house rules, the dog should always be under the supervision of its owner.
Can I go to the swimming pool with my dog?
Unfortunately, staying with the dog in both the indoor and outdoor swimming pools is categorically prohibited.
Can I take the dog to the forest or to the beach?
Of course. However, it is important to remember about the leash (letting the dog go without a leash in the forest is strictly forbidden) and the possibility of encountering wild animals.

Regulations concerning the stay of animals

  1. The hotel only accepts dogs as pets. The final decision on accepting a pet will be made by the hotel staff. When making the reservation, please inform the reception about the intention to stay with the animal and specify the type, breed and size of your dog. For the stay of a dog there is an additional fee of 40 PLN/day/small animal and 80 PLN/day/large animal.

  2. Animals cannot be left alone in the hotel room, as well as in the entire facility. Guests bear full responsibility for the animal and any damage resulting from the stay.

  3. While moving on the hotel premises (corridors, elevators, lobby, restaurant, parking lots, etc.) dogs must be on a leash.

  4. Animals must not disturb the stay of other hotel guests.

  5. Please store pet food in your own, tightly closed containers.

  6. It is forbidden to bring animals to the catering points without the consent and indication of the place by the staff. The staff should be informed about such fact in advance to arrange a suitable table. Service staff has the right to refuse the guest’s request.

  7. It is forbidden to bring animals to: play and games room, fitness room, playground area, indoor and outdoor pool area.

  8. The owner is obliged to clean up any mess left by the animal on the premises and in the surrounding area of the facility. Dog owners are requested to take their pets outside the facility.